Screen Used Star Wars Props



This is a notice regarding the recent change of address and domain for bigbaddaddyvader.I have maintained this site for eight years now and due to a collision of domain host service technical error and what seems like someone who targeted my address for themselves so they would not have to build a viewer base I have sadly now lost the original domain name
I,needless to say,was not amused by this situation.
So I have a couple of things to say regarding the situation.Firstly to whoever bought my domain which is now an utterly useless Episode VII "news" site I hope you understand that anyone searching for my site will still find me in the main searches as they did before and I hope your site fails miserably.
Secondly I would like to reassure any frequent visitors and those who come to me for help with props or assistance in things star wars related you will still find as always through either the GUESTBOOK or through CONTACT ME. may be dead but......


So remember everyone if you are looking for bigbaddaddyvader accept no substitutes take only the REAL bigbaddaddyvader for your star wars prop needs!